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Welcome to “This Week in Forex” TV

About the Show
“This Week in Forex” is a weekly TV News Show, recorded both in New York and London . Written, produced & presented by Aidan Doyle, the show provides it’s worldwide viewing audience a market round-up of the events of the previous week and an outlook for the week ahead, within the worlds largest financial marketplace: Foreign Exchange. Listed below is the show format.

Please see our detailed programming guide for local listings and viewing options. FYI: the “TWIF” App is now available on all major stores. Additionally, you may now subscribe to the free weekly newsletter complimenting each week’s episode by completing the form at top left of this page or by clicking here.

Big Stories of the WeekAll major news, events & happenings in the FX marketplace for the previous week.

Tick-by-Tick: Takes a look at the specific currencies and their activity with the use of graphics and charts. 

The Week Ahead & Economic Calendar: A look ahead to the following week along with key global economic events coming in the next 5 days. Viewers will be given a link to free economic calendar download.

Traders Corner: Each week, a different professional trader will volunteer their own invaluable trading advice in the form of a one-minute video.

Whether you are a trader, investor, business person, student or just somebody interested in world finance, we certainly hope you find our broadcast informative and entertaining, and welcome the opportunity to become an invaluable addition to your financial media regimen.


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